To provide the best possible solution that suits your features and makes you feel amazing.

M.S., M.Ch Plastic Surgery

Consultant Cosmetic and Plastic surgeon
Aligarh, U.P

Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centre is a specialty clinic devoted to cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery treatment. It was established in year 2004. Surgeons attached to the clinic have several years of experience in their respective fields. They incorporate latest and safest surgical techniques in their practice. With exceptional surgical skills, they strive to put more colours in your life making you healthier and more beautiful. Our surgeons are members of several prestigious medical
professional organizations.

The centre has been developed with a view to create an awareness about the availability of latest cosmetic surgery procedures. The centre is managed by experienced nursing staff with special dedication in providing homely and comfortable personalized care to the patients.

Demand For Cosmetic Surgery

The human nature is to strive for the ideal. The perception of “ideal proportion” has varied with passage of time. The continued advances in the plastic surgeon’s ability to modify the body image have resulted in an increased demand on the cosmetic surgery.

The ability of the plastic surgeon to satisfy the patient undergoing aesthetic surgery and to achieve positive behavioural changes depends on many factors like sensitivity to the patient’s complaints and problems, effective communication and interaction.

Two problems, one is aging, second is obesity, rarely familial problems that puts the body out of shape. Much has been written about the body image; only the surface has been scratched in our understanding of psychological nuances involved in evaluating the prospective cosmetic surgery patients. Our knowledge of self-image is very superficial.